Green Tea – AdaptoLean

Written by Adam Dickinson


Green Tea has 3 main components. These are EGCG, Caffeine and Theanine (a compound well-known for having antianxiety and calming effects).

The human body has a primary fat burning hormone called Norepinephrine. If your body can optimise or increase norepinephrine availability, it can promote Thermogenesis (fat burning). Unfortunately there are enzymes within the body that breakdown this potent fat-burning hormone and therefore reduce the capacity for Thermogenesis. One of these enzymes is called COMT (Catechol-o-methyltransferase).  Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) within Green Tea is known to inhibit the action of COMT thus making more Norepinephrine available and sustaining Thermogenesis. Couple EGCG with Caffeine and the 2 work together to further enhance your metabolism.

A side effect of having more norepinephrine available is that it means your body has more fatty acids available to use as fuel. Studies have shown that this effect is especially useful during cardiovascular activities, allowing you to exercise for longer. Burning more fatty acids for fuel also means that less glycogen is used.

Green Tea has also been known to be especially effective for visceral fat loss. This is the internal fat which can surround the major organs of the abdominal cavity. Studies have shown that Green Tea blocks pancreatic and gastric lipases. These lipases digest fat. It also inhibits FAS (Fatty Acid Synthase) which synthesises the fatty acids which make up body fat.

But Green Tea isn’t just a great ingredient because of its fat-burning potential. Green Tea can also help you recover from physical performance faster. A recent study found that the antioxidant effect of the Catechins contained in Green Tea reduce muscle damage, suppress oxidative stress and protect against inflammation.

So there you have it, Green Tea, the performance enhancing fat burner. Just one of 12 proven ingredients in AdaptoLean.