10 tips for Dieting

Written by Adam Dickinson

By Adapt Athlete Dan Walls   Top 10 tips for dieting With a lot of focus on general health and body composition these day’s people are finally beginning to realise that what you put in your mouth is significantly correlated… Read more

Ways to make Training more enjoyable.

Written by Adam Dickinson

So we all get a little bored of the same old same old at the gym. So how do you get things going again? Here are some tips: #1: Change the type of training you do for a few weeks.… Read more

Improve your natural Testosterone Level

Written by carbon

Having an optimal level of Testosterone can increase the speed at which you recover from exercise and help you maintain a leaner bodyfat-to-muscle ratio. But Testosterone is not just essential for peak athletic performance. Many studies have shown that men… Read more