Improve your natural Testosterone Level

Written by carbon

Having an optimal level of Testosterone can increase the speed at which you recover from exercise and help you maintain a leaner bodyfat-to-muscle ratio. But Testosterone is not just essential for peak athletic performance. Many studies have shown that men with sub-optimal levels of Testosterone are also at risk of: Infertility, Prostate Cancer, Type 2 diabetes, muscular atrophy and depression.

Sometimes changes in your diet can have a massive impact on natural Testosterone. Eating too many sugary or high GI foods, not eating enough fat, not eating enough meat or not absorbing enough essential vitamins and minerals could lower your testosterone.

So what can you do to improve Testosterone levels?

#1 Lift weights and/or exercise regularly: Research has shown that regular exercise and specifically lifting weights can have a dramatic effect on increasing natural Testoterone. Especially heavy compound exercises, for example; Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress.

#2 Increase Vitamin D consumption: Men who are deficient in Vitamin D can have much lower Testosterone but also much higher Oestrogen. This can lead to poor fertility, higher bodyfat, less lean muscle, increased risk of depression and higher rates of cardiovascular disease. Adequate consumption can help increase testosterone as there are Vitamin D receptors in the glands that produce testosterone.

#3 Get enough Sleep: Everyone knows that sleep is essential for proper rest and recovery. It is also essential for the release of Testosterone. Studies have shown that getting only 4-5hrs of sleep per night can result in a marked drop in Testosterone release through the night and a higher level of Cortisol during the afternoon. Try to plan your sleep pattern so that you go to bed at the same time every night and get at least 7-8hrs.

#4 Take a good Magnesium Supplement: Magnesium has many roles inside the human body. It relaxes your central nervous system, contributes to protein synthesis, reduces tiredness & fatigue, maintains healthy teeth & bones, enables forceful muscle contractions, decreases inflammation and improves antioxidant capacity leading to a greater release of Testosterone.

#5 Consume enough Zinc: Low Zinc in men & women’s diet is more common than they realise and it can have a damaging effect on their health. Low levels of Zinc can suppress the immune system, increase cancer risk, reduce protein synthesis and make both genders infertile. Increase Zinc to reduce aromatisation of Testosterone to Oestrogen, support immune function and increase levels of natural Testosterone.

#6 Avoid sugary foods: When your blood sugar spikes after a sugary drink or snack, Testosterone is temporarily reduced. If you have diabetes, then low Testosterone is almost a certainty. Just one sugary drink can decrease free Testosterone by 25% and it can remain that way for up to 3 hours. Imagine that over the course of 1 day if you drank / ate a lot of sugary foods. Eat healthy fats, low-sugar fruits, low GI carbohydrates (oats can naturally boost Testosterone) and plenty of high quality animal proteins to optimise your levels of Testosterone.

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