Monster PUMP arm workout

Written by Adam Dickinson


Listen, no matter what anyone says, everyone would like awesome looking arms. That doesn’t necessarily mean big, but balanced, muscular, conditioned arms look great in a vest or T-shirt. And guys, women love arms!

So, how do you create a balanced arm? Try this Bicep and Tricep, superset workout. It is awesome!

Exercise                                        Sets & Reps, Tempo, Rest

A1: EZ Bar reverse curls                 5 x 10, 3010, 10secs

A2: Rope pushdowns                       5 x 10, 3011, 45secs

B1: Machine Preacher Curl              3 x 12, 3010, 10secs

B2: Weighted Dips                           3 x 10, 3011, 45secs

C1: Hammer Curls                            3 x 8, 2021, 10secs

C2: French Press                               3 x 15, 2020, 45secs

D1: Seated Inc DB curls                  4 x 8, 3010, 10secs

D2: Close Grip Bench                      4 x 8, 3010, 45secs


With this workout be strict with form. If you don’t know what any of the exercises are, ask one of the gym instructors, they will know. Do this for 4 weeks on arm day and you’ll see a big difference.