What is Pre-Train

Written by Adam Dickinson


To put it simply Pre-Train is what anyone serious about their training/physical exercise, needs to be using before the gym. It is a pre-workout, i.e. a product you consume 30 minutes prior to hitting the gym / training to enhance your performance, focus, strength, energy and recovery.

One thing to remember though, NOT ALL PRE-WORKOUT PRODUCTS ARE THE SAME!!! We have used tried and tested ingredients in the development of Pre-Train and it is not a proprietary blend.

Here is why Pre-Train is ahead of the game.

Energy & Focus: Pre-Train supplies this in abundance with zero come down. Like most modern pre-workout products, we include caffeine but this accounts for just 3% of each serving rather than being the main ingredient! Extra energy yielding ingredients come in the form of Bitter Orange Peel, Barley Extract, B vitamins, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline and CoQ10. Each ingredient works in a completely different way to the next, which ensures maximum focus, energy, mental sharpness and endurance.

Nitric Oxide: N.O. is crucial for delivering messages between cells but also controls blood flow and monitoring the activity of your brain, kidneys, liver and lungs. Nitric Oxide also speeds recovery time, growth and during exercise, increases blood flow to your muscles… For this reason we include researched dosages of AAKG, Citrulline Malate, L-Taurine and Beta-Alanine to maximise the amount of Nitric Oxide your body can retain, pre-workout. This helps you train harder for longer and recover faster.

Optimal Absorption: We include the heavily researched Astragin. This completely natural, patented compound (Astragalus & Notoginseng) increases the absorption of Arginine and Citrulline. There have been over a dozen studies to confirm its benefits in nutrient absorption and how it helps to repair damaged or compromised intestinal lining. If your intestinal lining is damaged you won’t absorb nutrients optimally.

Endurance: We use Betaine in PreTrain for a number of reasons. A 2010 study by the University of Connecticut  found that weight trained athletes supplementing with Betaine increased their muscle strength by 25% and their muscle power by 20%. But perhaps the most interesting research has been in to Betaine supplementation’s endurance enhancing effects. Other research has shown that Betaine supplementation has helped lifters and athletes complete more reps, pedal with more power and sprint for longer. Betaine does this by lowering levels of lactate which delays muscular fatigue. This means you can train harder for longer!

So there you have it, Pre-Train. It isn’t just a Pre-Workout, it is your way of priming your body for any workout you throw at it.