Why is AdaptoLean so effective?

Written by Adam Dickinson

By Adapt Athlete Dan Walls…



With all the bad press surrounding weight loss pills and fat burners for their alleged adverse health benefits, we at Adapt Nutrition find we have a duty of care and responsibility to reassure and educate our customers on the vast amount of health benefits you may experience using our 5 star rated fat burner AdaptoLean.

First off I would like to say that illegal and unregulated weight loss products can and have been found to have adverse health benefits. This is why all of Adapt Nutrition’s products are EU regulated and every single ingredient is listed with the dosage, so you know exactly what and how much you’re taking.

With the competition season in full swing and summer just round the corner everyone is looking for a safe and effective fat burner. A lot of people just opt for effective, this is where the problems happen, these unregulated products could leave you seriously ill if miss used. This could put your health at serious risk, keep you out of competition or sometime even make you look worse

For those people wanting effective but safe you need to look no further. AdaptoLean is formulated using 12 specific plant, vitamin, mineral and herbal ingredients that are noted for their potent effects. The ingredients in AdapoLean were handpicked to cover all bases for optimal fat burning, strong focus, fat mobilisation & oxidation, increased metabolic rate and increased insulin sensitivity.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ingredients individually….

Garcinia Cambogia


L-Carnitine Tartrate

Bitter Orange peel

Green tea Extract

Cayenne Pepper

An engine will only run well if you provide it with the right fuel. The same goes for the human body. Eat bad, don’t exercise and you cannot look at your best. Provide your body with safe and effective nutrients to aid in fat loss and have long lasting health benefits. Using AdaptoLean as part of a highly nutritious and active fat-loss plan, you can take your body to the limit of low body fat and still remain healthy. Look good feel GREAT.

“Nothing will work unless you do”

Dan walls